Suffolk #60 purchased the Presbyterian Church in 1910, and after considerable remodeling, the first meeting was held in the old church in 1912. The “Masonic Temple” is a light-yellow building with dark and light blue windows, blending in with the outdoor brick garden outside the lodge.

Installed during the original temple remodeling in 1912, the stain glass window and handcrafted sign are lovingly maintained by the Brothers of the lodge over 100 years later.

Constructed in 2015, the Brick Garden of Reflection was part of a fundraising venture to create a peaceful haven for the people of Port Jefferson Village and for Freemasons and families from across Suffolk County to come to, sit quietly and reflect when someone dear to them has passed away. The Garden features specifically designed, sculptured, and engraved Masonic Memorial Bricks.

Every Masonic Lodge room has an outer door and an inner door. The inner door is only used for ceremonial purposes and is always accompanied by two symbolic pillars.

The altar is the most important piece of furniture in any Lodge. Freemasonry though not a religious institution, does direct all men to look to deity in whatever form they may believe.

The Lodge Room is where we hold our biweekly meetings. It is a multi-function workspace designed to host public and Masonic Functions. The room has hosted dances, memorial services, public dedications, and even a yearly visit from Brother Santa Claus.

Fellowship and hospitality are hallmarks of Masonic tradition. Our building features a dining hall where we have monthly dinners, biweekly social evenings, games, dances, and celebrations. 

Met within the earliest Rituals of the eighteenth century the flooring is classed among the ornaments of a Lodge in combination with the indented tassel and the star. There is contained deep symbolism that all newly initiated Brothers receive instruction in. This is the view the Master of the Lodge has from his podium the East.  

The Heart of the social activities of Suffolk Lodge #60 is The South. A hand crafted social gathering area where the brothers gather to trade stories, collaborate on ideas, participate in esoteric discussions. There is adjustable ambient lighting and sound system to set the tone for any gathering.