Welcome From the Worshipful Master

Welcome to the Suffolk #60 website. First chartered in the year 1796, we have spent the last  223 years perpetuating the Masonic tenets of brotherly love, relief and truth. In other words, respecting all people regardless of their station in life, giving selflessly to those in need, and acting fairly, honestly and conscientiously in all our daily matters. These are the same tenets that many of our nations founders considered when writing the United States Constitution, as many of the signers of that noble document were fellow Freemasons.

We welcome you to browse this site to get to know us better and gain a fuller understanding of what we’re about. If you have any questions or inquiries feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to reply.

Speaking for all of our Brethren here at Suffolk #60, may the blessings of heaven rest upon all of humanity, and may Brotherly love prevail. 

W:. Tom Pace